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One of the most viable options available to Canadians for an urgent cash crunch is to apply for a payday loan. But it is important to understand how it works and if it is the best solution out there for you to pull the trigger. In this article, we will look at the details and use cases for such loans.
apply payday loan online - redpayday

apply payday loan online – redpayday

What are Payday loans?

It is a short-term loan designed to help you with immediate cash flow. Any urgent financial need you may have can be addressed with a loan. It is often regarded as a bridge between your needs and your next paycheck; this is why these loans are also known as cash advance loans. These loans are easy to apply for and get approved for, thus lowering the entry requirements and can be a viable option for low-income people who may not necessarily have an asset to pledge to the bank in order to get a loan approved as payday loans do not require any collaterals.

How does it really work

The way these loan works is fairly straightforward. You can apply for a quick payday loan online and get approval within 24 hours. The loan amount varies and is usually from 100 to 1500 Canadian dollars, but you may be eligible for more in some provinces. The amount of time you have to pay off the loan also varies but being a short-term loan; you should ideally want to pay off the loan in around two weeks to a month’s time to keep interest rates at minimal.

The requirements to get a loan approved are fairly simple. You are first required to be a Canadian citizen and over the age of 18 to apply for a loan. You will also require proof of employment to let the lender know that you are financially capable of paying off the money. These loans do not require collateral, making them one of the safest loans to apply for here in Canada.

Interest rates and fees are calculated as a proportion of the principal loan amount. Depending on the lender and your area, this cost may vary. You should not have to pay any additional costs if you pay your loan on time. If you fail to payoff your loan, though, you will suffer penalties. Many lenders are not transparent of additional fees, but here at redpayday, we are completely transparent, and you can get a free quote by applying for a loan from our website.

Use cases of payday loans

There are instances when applying for a loan makes the most sense, especially during times of urgent financial needs like a medical emergency. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the government of Canada, more than 91% of the people taking such loans used it to pay off urgent expenses like home improvements, car repairment’s, or pay off bills and mortgages that would otherwise subject them to fines and late fees. Such loans can also be used for taking advantage of huge discounts, especially during the holiday season, to buy something essential that you have been craving for months. But it is also important to be responsible with your loan, and spending it on buying things you do not need or can not afford will more likely put you in a financially dire situation. These loans are also not meant to be used for long-term solutions as interests can quickly go high, so always be responsible when applying for a loan.

How to apply for a loan?

If you have ever applied for a loan, you will know how complicated it can get at times. There is a mountain of paperwork to go through, and it is a nightmare. But fortunately, you can apply for a guaranteed payday loan online without even needing to come to a bank. The onboarding process varies from lender to lender, but at redpayday we have a straightforward onboarding process. An intuitive website that is easy to fill up and navigate through. You can put all your details and quickly get a loan approved. For more information, visit our website.

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